For a lot of families, music can be an integral part of the Funeral Ceremony. We can help to arrange the musical requirements of your family whilst complying with normal practises were necessary. 

Music for the Funeral Service

Music during the funeral service can vary depending on the traditions of the church. For example, with the majority of Roman Catholic Masses, an organist and singer is traditionally required to provide the music, whereas with Church of Ireland, Methodist and Presbyterian services, an organist is usually all that is required, as the congregation joins in with the hymns. With all funerals being unique in there own way, we find it best to discuss the music requirements with the family. Other options might include: A family member/ friend, a folk group, a choir, a C.D., a bagpiper to play outside the church. Depending on the normal practises of the church, some of these options might not be applicable. 

Music for the Cremation Service

When a cremation service is to take place, be it after a traditional church service or not, some families like to take a C.D. to be played at the beginning and/or end of the cremation service. We can liase with the crematorium to have this service available. Musicians can also play some music if requested.