Advanced Funeral Planning

Over the years, a number of people have come to us in relation to pre-planned funerals. We are more than happy to facilitate this. All to often we hear questions arising from families when arranging the funeral of a loved one. Questions over the price, service type etc. 

Advanced funeral planning is much the same as writing a will. It means all your funeral requirements will be in place, and we can carry out your requirements exactly as requested. This means that all the decisions that usually need to be made over the funeral can be done so before the need arises. When most of us are thinking clearer. The option of advanced funeral planning lessens the number of stressful decisions for your loved ones at an emotional time.

Pre-planned funerals might be something that you may not want to discuss or may be nervous about doing, but we will make it as easy as possible. This is something that can be arranged over the phone or in person, what ever suits you best. 

Once you have determined what you require:

  • We will make note of your funeral requirements and keep them on file. So when the time comes your funeral requirements can be carried out as requested.
  • We will give you an idea of the cost of your funeral requirements at todays prices. Unfortunately, prices such as grave prices and other disbursements are constantly rising. We would suggest you contact us every so often to check if prices have increased since you made your funeral plan.
  • You should let your next-of-kin/ executor/ solicitor know that you have made your funeral arrangements with us. So they are aware of the funeral plans in place.
  • Unfortunately we do not take payments for funerals until after the funeral has taken place. If you want to set money aside for your funeral expenses. We would advice you open up an interest-bearing account with your chosen bank or financial instituations and advice the manager as to the purpose of the account. 
  • At any time if you want to change any part of your plan just contact us and we will be happy to make the necessary changes.