Funeral Grants

Dept of Social and Family Affairs Funeral Grants/ Bereavement Grants - €850

  • As of the 31st of December 2013 this grant has seized to exist.

Health Board Funeral Grants – Up to €2500

  • The person applying for this grant must be receiving a Social Welfare payment. This grant is means tested and is payable at the discretion of the community welfare officer. For more information contact your local health centre. 

Death of Social Welfare Recipient 

  • If someone dies whilst receiving a social welfare payment, this payment will still be made available for the surviving partner/carer for six weeks if the partner is a named carer.  For more information contact your local social welfare office.

Widowed Parent Grant - Up to €6000

  • The Widowed Grant is a once-off payment to widows, widowers or surviving civil partners with dependent children. For more information Visit there website, the link for which is below or phone 1890 927 770 for more information.

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